How to check is authentic VigRXPlusHow to check is VigRX Plus authentic

Couple of reasons:

- Reduce shipping

- Safeguard your privacy whenever you using PayPal for payment (no charge card statement with details about transaction)

- Faster shipping if seller location nearer to you

2. How to pick VigRX Plus seller with original and new release?

- To purchase new release choose seller who sell VigRX Plus with verification code on each box, these boxes manufactured after December 20 2012. If no verification code on box - product manufactured before 12 , 2012 or it's counterfeit product. Have you ever wondered where to buy male enhancement pills that can easily increase your penis size for good?

 Buy VigRXPlus

Official VigRX Plus prices below.

- Consider the cost, all VigRX Plus approved sellers have a similar cost as official cost, if somebody sell VigRX Plus for under official cost it may be counterfeit or used product!

  • 1 Month Supply (1 box) - $76.99
  • 2 Month Supply (2 boxes) - $143.99
  • 3 Month Supply (3 boxes) - $205.99
  • 4 Month Supply (4 boxes) - $267.99
  • 5 Month Supply (5 boxes) - $329.99
  • 6 Month Supply (6 boxes) - $384.99
  • 12 Month Supply (12 boxes) - $489.99

- Check seller's feedback score and seller's status before you purchase VigRXPlus, Top Ranked Plus Retailers using more than 99% positive feedback score are more suitable.

- check faster Free delivery option: some retailers ship by Expedited shipping, some retailers by Standard shipping.

Best Of Luck!

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